3 Simple Fixes for Better Golf

April 4, 2020

Can’t walk a full 18 holes without foot, leg or back pain?

Need to cart it when you would rather walk? There are many reasons for this type of pain when we golf…but in many cases the main cause is a lifetime of poor posture, improper breathing and sedentary lifestyle. Yes, that’s right! It comes down to 3 simple things…posture, breathing and inactivity... So how do we fix this? It starts with being consciously aware of your posture, your breathing and moving everyday, and then working to bring your body back into proper alignment.   And there are so many therapies and techniques out there that promise to do this…yet we still see over 80% of golfers dealing with back pain and they likely also have other joint or mobility issues as well because…everything is connected!  Working on improving your posture and breathing and adding some extra movement into your day will help those pains start to disappear. And it starts with a commitment of only minutes a day.  We teach our golfers a unique new self-care technique that helps them bring their body back into proper alignment and give them relief from the chronic pain they’ve lived with for years.  And it only takes minutes a day! Here’s what our client Marc had to say after 9 days of block therapy: “I love walking the course but always had to take a power cart on the back nine because my right leg aches so much!  I had heard about how Block Therapy helps with golfer’s aches and pains and decided to give it a try. Wow!  After only 9 days I could not believe the difference!  My posture and breathing were better, I had more energy and I was able to walk all 18 holes without pain! Sounds crazy but it’s true! I am continuing on with Block Therapy to further improve my overall mobility so I can go up and down the stairs with my grandkids! Thanks Barry and Tammy for this awesome program!” We have partnered with Block Therapy to create a one of a kind program that is specific to golfers and their needs - Block Therapy Fore Golf.

Click the image above to learn more and get started on your own journey to feel better, move better and play better!

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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