Are You Cheating On Your Swing?

April 4, 2020

Many golfers often will struggle with their pivot and turn because they lack mobility or they try to overturn and force the body turn. They’re over using their arms and they are swinging too much with the arms without a coordinated pivot motion of the body, which in turn affects consistency in the swing arc.

So they end up cheating on the swing.  we’ll explain what we mean.

When the golfer is swinging on the backswing, they overturn and pull the club around their body and the arms collapse.  And then they throw their head and upper body at the ball and end up pulling the arms in toward the body to try to hit the golf ball. It's really hard to hit the ball consistently with that sort of motion.

We're going to show you a really simple drill that you can do at home to help you to quit cheating on your swing and get some feel for the motion of the golf swing. Then you can practice it when you're hitting balls. This helps encourage good arm width through the ball which is needed for consistency and crisp shots.

It's a great warm up to do on the range to help feel the arms and body working together to produce good contact.

Watch the video here or click the image below:

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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