No more slice - won’t that be nice. Get Rid of Your Slice With This Simple Solution

December 12, 2022

Hey Golfing Friends,

Do you have that pesky slice that you just can't get rid of? Or maybe you have a golfing friend that is experiencing this?

Golfers will often try to fix their slice by overcomplicating the solution. They think they need to change their backswing or forward swing. They'll try to turn their hips more or turn them less. They try all kinds of things. Before they know it they are totally lost and forgot what they were trying to fix. In fact, they have created more problems in their swing.

But...they don't deal with this one simple thing first.

This is a very simple solution that anyone can learn.

After one simple coaching session to help our client his slice was gone and he was excited to get out and play again and put his new found solution into practice.

Just go to this YouTube video and you will be able to get rid of that slice in no time.

To your best golf,
Barry & Tammy Gibson

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