About Over50Golf

Meet Your Coaches

We are a husband and wife golf performance coaching team who specialize in helping the over-50-golfer to play the best golf of their lives while improving their health and mobility. 

We want to help you to keep playing the game you love for a lifetime.

Meet Barry

I’m a PGA of Canada Golf Professional with over 30 years of experience as a coach and mentor. Helping others with their golf is my passion.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified and Dr.Kwon Level 1 & 2 Certified Golf Biomechanics Instructor.

I suffered from chronic back pain for over 20 years, as well as arthritis in my shoulders and tried many forms of treatment and fitness training, all good and I continue with many today. But nothing had any long lasting positive change until I found Block Therapy and changed my body from within. There is a better way to play golf without swing limitations and chronic pain, and to live your best golf life possible!

Meet Tammy

I’ve been a coach and competitive amateur golfer for the past 30 years. I am a Certified Block Therapist, Fascia Fitness Trainer, Yoga for Golfers Instructor and Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer. I am also a five-time provincial amateur golf champion and twelve-time national championship participant, being coached by my husband, Barry.

I’ve discovered, both in golf and in life, that getting better isn’t just about improving technique and getting in more practice. Achieving better performance on the outside needs to come from the inside, both in body and mind.

Our Approach

Rather than just technical know-how, our unique approach combines golf instruction, mobility training and the body-swing connection into one simple to use system that is targeted specifically to you - the over 50 golfer. We have worked with hundreds of golfers to take strokes of their game and help improve their health and mobility.

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We can help you transform your game

  • Hit more fairways and greens
  • Play with no limitations
  • Keep golf simple and fun
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Are you ready to play better golf?

Making the commitment to take action is the first step to transforming your game. Let us help you find the best solution to reach your golfing goals.

Add Yards to Your Drive

Learn to move your body to generate easy speed and power!

Take Strokes Off Your Score

Hit more greens and fairways by improving your accuracy 

Release Chronic Pain

Release compressed fascia with Block Therapy so that you get rid of chronic pain and have more freedom of movement.

Improve Strength and Flexibility

Achieve better posture and movement through the swing.

 Increase Energy Levels

No more 14th hole fatigue and brain fog! Make it through the entire 18 holes with energy to spare.

Improve Focus and Concentration 

Keep focused to make better decisions and better shots.

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