Golf Swing Fundamentals

November 19, 2022

"Impact is the result of everything prior to that point."- the legendary Ben Hogan

The Golf Swing is not about positions, it’s all about movement and motion! Often golfers will look at stop action pictures of a golf swing and forget that the swing is not a series of static positions strung together.

Do you sometimes try to mimic these positions at different points in your swing which most often does not produce good results?

These static pictures capture moments in time of the swing motion at different points of the swing and are a reaction to the previous sequence of movements.

The golf swing is a naturally flowing dynamic sequence of movement, your impact position and resulting ball flight are a reaction to this movement…they are not the movement itself!

If you want to change your ball flight you need to change how you react and move! It's about motion and moving properly in a connected sequence.

As the legendary ball striker Canadian, George Knudson once said, "The golf swing is a powerful graceful dance".

Click the link below as Barry demonstrates a fantastic simple practice drill. It will get you moving your arms and body together for a more dynamic swing motion and great solid shots every time!

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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