Ben Hogan Golf Swing for Better Mobiity

Good mobility plays an important role in playing good golf and improving your quality life as you get older.

The ability to achieve a fluid range of motion, with a good turn and pivot of the body allows you to develop a consistent golf swing for solid accurate shots and prevent injuries.  

When you are off the golf course, good mobility helps to prevent injuries, muscle soreness and those chronic aches and pains -  all which can prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest as you age - doing things like playing more golf and chasing your grandkids around the park or playground!

Research has shown that good mobility is cumulative. It’s not something you do once every now and then, or for hours on end every day either. Each session you dedicate to mobility builds upon the last, resulting in increased flexibility, stability, and ultimately, better swings. You’ll feel better on and off the course!

Incorporating a regular cumulative mobility routine into your training a few minutes each day will go a long way to better golf. You'll experience enhanced flexibility, reduced risk of injury, reduced aches and pains, not mention improve your swing without hours on the range!

Check out this rare video footage of Ben Hogan's swing. This video was shot when he was 65 years old on one of his last winter trips to Florida in the late 1970s. He did a simple swing routine every day for 15-20 minutes to allow him to swing like this at age 65. WOW!

Click the link to watch Hogan's Swing at 65.

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