Best Drills for Your Golf Swing

Do you practice movement-based drills for your golf swing?

The appeal of movement-based drills lies in their simplicity. By focusing on fundamental movements, you can build a strong foundation for your golf swing.

The golf swing requires a coordinated, rhythmical and well timed sequence of motion. It’s called a “golf swing” not golf positions for a reason!

By focusing on simple movement-based drills you can break down complex swing mechanics into one manageable motion without overthinking and avoid paralysis by analysis.This approach allows you to incorporate swing improvements and good swing fundamentals into your golf swing naturally without having to completely change and rebuild your swing.

Simple movement-based drills also help you feel and understand the correct sequence of movements required for an efficient swing. These drills often target key areas such as hip rotation, body pivot, weight transfer and swing path, all of which are crucial for generating power and accuracy.

The golf swing is a connected chain of motion. To improve impact and accuracy you can’t just try to change one position in your swing, you need to work on the connected chain of movement.

Simple movement drills can be easily integrated into practice sessions or warm-up routines. You can perform them at home, at the driving range, or even in their backyard. Their simplicity allows for focused repetition which is essential for ingraining the correct movements and building the new correct muscle memory.

Practice proper movement-based drills and they will provide a solid foundation for your swing and promote a better understanding of proper swing mechanics. They are the most efficient and effective way to improve your golf skills and work for golfers of all levels.

Watch our video of a simple movement-based golf drill designed to improve your downswing swing for consistent, accurate solid iron shots.

Just click the link to watch the video:

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