Best Stretch for Senior Golfers

November 19, 2022

When you stretch, whether it's before your play or at the start of the day, are you stiff and tight like a Viking, or are you loose and supple like a contortionist?

Maybe you're somewhere in between?

Becoming more aware of your body type will help you determine the best type of stretching and fascia training you need for your golf game and your health.

When you stretch, you are lengthening the connective tissue in your body, also known as "fascia".  Fascia encases your body parts and binds them together. It's made primarily of collagen and surrounds all of your muscles, nerves, organs, tendons, and ligaments and gives them shape. Fascia also connects your skin to the tissue that is directly beneath it. Fascia is what literally holds everything together in your body!

Stretching stimulates your fascia. It wakes it up and gets the fibres gliding smoothly so you're able to move better. It may not get down deep, but it is still a great way to stimulate you superficial fascia.

One of the fascia stretches we like to do everyday provides a full body stretch along the front, back and side fascia chains of the body. It's a great stretch for anyone with back pain as well.

It only takes 2 minutes...

It's a wonderful way to start your day and keep you mobile for a great golf swing!

Click the link to check out our video and get into fascia fitness.

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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