Body Swing Connection

As you play golf, one of the key elements you need to focus on is maintaining the body-swing connection. This connection is often overlooked and taken for granted but as we age many golfers begin to struggle with consistency and loss of distance.

Senior golfer’s often struggle with the backswing. Many tend to lose rotational ability and are not able to turn as well going back. This tends to lead to a shorter, quicker arm-based backswing with lack of body rotation.

This in turn causes a poor downswing driven by the arms which results in loss of speed, power and weak contact.

Then you try to speed up your downswing by swinging faster and harder with your arms to regain distance, but this leads to more swing problems and possible injury.

At this point you have lost the body-swing connection as you try to force swing changes without changing how the body moves.

Some key areas of the swing you need to focus on for the body-swing connection are as follows

1. Correct Setup Posture and Alignment:
Older golfers tend to slump forward and stand too far from the ball which really limits the ability to turn.

2. Rotational Mobility:
As you age, maintaining rotational mobility becomes increasingly important. An efficient golf swing is based on body rotation. Do swing drills and exercises that help the body move and turn better for more consistency.

3. Swing Sequence:
Understanding the correct kinematic sequence can greatly improve the body-swing connection. Start the downswing by initiating the movement from your lower body, followed by a sequential transfer of energy through your torso, arms, and finally to the club. If you can’t turn back properly it's difficult to start the downswing from the ground up with the pelvis.

4. Tempo and Rhythm:
Maintaining a consistent tempo and rhythm throughout your swing promotes the connection between your body and the club. Practice swinging with a smooth and even tempo, allowing for a synchronized rhythmic motion between your body and the club.

We have a great video for you to watch to help you with your body-swing connection for an easier, better backswing for more consistency, speed and power. Practice these drills and get that body-swing connection working for you.

Click the link below to watch the video.

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