Finish Your Backswing for More Power and Accuracy

April 4, 2020

Do you often take the club back thinking you’ve made a good backswing…but in reality you’ve just swung your arms back and haven’t rotated your core? Then you come through on the downswing only to hit a weak, poor shot?

Sound familiar?

Or…when you do try to make a full turn, it feels like your skin is tearing as you try to rotate back…and then you simply flash down into the ball with your hands and arms with no speed and power!

Not being able to turn and pivot fully and freely is a big cause of declining speed, distance and accuracy.

Poor upper back (thoracic) mobility along with the rib cage collapsing into the core makes it impossible to turn and pivot properly to have that good, fluid, easy backswing.

Block Therapy Fore Golf offers effective solutions for improving your upper body posture, improving rib cage alignment and greatly improving your thoracic mobility so that you can make that full backswing with ease and regain your distance! Click the link to learn more.

Block Therapy Fore Golf

And try this fantastic simple lesson for a great fluid backswing!

Click the link below and check out the video.

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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