Get Solid Contact With Your Irons

Golf should not be complicated!

The golf swing is meant to be flowing motion, a connected chain of events, move the club away from the ball, move it through the ball position to send it to the target. Simple, right?

With most other sports you are reacting to a moving ball, puck, opponent…it’s much more reactive.

Think about this for a moment…when we fell from the trees millions of years ago we hit the ground running, chasing food or something chasing us to be their food! Most sports have evolved along similar principles...running, chasing, reacting to a moving opponent or object, like a ball or puck.

Except golf is different...the ball is stationary. No one is trying to chase us off the ball or tackle us!

It should be easy right? The ball is not even moving!

But golfers spend far too much time over analyzing, thinking about the swing and all its specific parts in preparation for making a swing and hitting a stationary ball.  

This adds up to the classic “paralysis by analysis”. You freeze up, you can’t make a swing, you end up just hacking at the ball, trying to hit at it instead of swinging the club through it!

Check out these swing drills to help you stop overthinking and have flush solid contact every time. They are simple, effective and fun to do!

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