Golf Drill to Improve Your Swing

We all want to get better at golf, right?

But to improve and get better at golf takes regular practice and play. Many golfers feel they don’t have time to practice or work on their mobility to improve their swings.

It’s fun just to go out and play, and with busy schedules and limited time, getting out on the course is a priority for sure.

But it’s important to incorporate regular golf drills into your schedule to enhance both for your mobility and golf swing motion.

Most of the top touring professionals have regular, quick routines they do during their off days to maintain their golf movement.

Regular golf drills help improve mobility by enhancing flexibility, strength, and range of motion in relevant muscle groups. This translates into a more fluid and powerful swing, enabling you to achieve better accuracy and distance on your shots and prevent injuries.

Secondly, practicing golf drills regularly ingrains muscle memory and helps you refine your technique. Repetition brings about better muscle coordination, enabling you to swing with more consistency and control. And remember - practicing without a ball is as important as practicing with a ball.

Lastly, dedicated targeted drills save you time and keep you focused to identify and correct specific swing flaws and mobility limitations that you need to improve on rather than randomly doing a bunch of fixes.

Here is an excellent mobility swing drill you can do anywhere anytime…at home or traveling or on the range prior to play. All you need is a lightweight exercise band.

This is a fantastic practice drill, it enhances your overall golf mobility, improves your posture along with your overall body rotation for improved consistency and control. And you’ll feel great after.

Click the link to watch the video - Helicopters with a resistance band.

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