Golf Off-Season Training

As we move further into the fall season, this is an important time to keep your golf skills sharp. Improving and maintaining the body-swing connection during the off season helps ensure a successful return to the course next season.

Here are a few tips from us to help you keep your swing going during the off-season:

Indoor Drills and Swings:
Practice the golf drills we’ve given you (you can find them on our YouTube channel @over50golf.) This allows you to focus on your swing motion without worrying about distance, keeping your body-swing connection intact.

Mobility Exercises:
Incorporate mobility exercises into your daily routine to keep your body flexible and pain free for golf. This can include fascia release with Block Therapy, simple stretches and our yoga for golfers poses that target key areas used in your golf swing. You can find out more about our mobility training on our website at

Mirror Practice:
Set up a full-length mirror to analyze your body movement pattern in your swing. This visual feedback helps you maintain proper postural alignment and reinforces the muscle memory of your swing mechanics.

Strength Training:
This is so important for the over 50 golfer! Strengthen the muscles used in your golf swing with targeted strength training exercises. Basic isometrics and a few light weights are all you need, and you can do these at home. This not only improves your overall fitness but also contributes to a more powerful and controlled swing.

Stay Active:
Engage in low-impact activities like walking, swimming, or cycling to stay active and keep your body in good condition. This contributes to overall fitness and supports your golf performance when the golf season resumes.

Virtual Coaching:
Explore online coaching sessions with us that can be tailored to your specific needs. We provide a personalized plan for you, ensuring your swing remains efficient and injury-free. You can find our coaching plans at

Remember, consistency is key. Incorporate these off season practices into your daily routine and you'll be better prepared to start the next golf season in full swing! A few minutes a day on a regular basis is all you need.

Click the link below to watch this short video of some great mobility drills that you can do in the off season.

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