Good Footwork for Golf

April 4, 2020

“Whenever I evaluate a golfer's ability, I first check for a proper grip and a balanced, athletic setup. Then I watch the footwork, which ultimately determines how efficiently the player creates clubhead speed.” ...the legendary Tom Watson

Good footwork is so important for a good swing. All good players know it and work on it.

The average golfer…well not so much.

They tend to always focus on swing fixes from the top down instead of from the ground up!

It’s pretty simple. If you want to hit the ball longer and more accurately take a look at the body motion of other sports.

Whether it's hitting a baseball, tennis ball, kicking a soccer ball, or throwing a football, you shift and turn your lower body from the ground up, with the feet in particular. The striking action in all sports is to plant the lead foot first, turn the hips and then go with the legs or upper body. It’s the same athletic mover whether it's golf or any other sport.

Golfers seem to get stuck in their swing by overusing the upper body which leads to a poor downswing sequence.

Check out this video lesson with Barry demonstrating a good drill to improve your footwork and forward swing sequence for more accuracy, consistency and power.

Click the link below:

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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