Short Game Fundamentals

Did you know that over 50% of your strokes come from 100 yards in?

That’s why it’s so important to master chipping and pitching fundamentals. These skills are the backbone of a strong short game but did you know they also significantly impact your full swing technique?

Good chipping and pitching will easily help you lower your scores by saving shots around the greens, but good short game fundamentals also translate to the full swing in helping you learn to strike the ball solidly with your irons from the fairway.

When golfers come for a lesson one of the first areas of the game we evaluate is their ability to chip and pitch the ball properly. This way we can assess your impact dynamics. If you can’t hit your short shots consistently solid, you are going to waste strokes around the greens and have less chance of hitting full solid iron shots from the fairway.

Good chipping and pitching requires:

  • a slightly downward angle of approach with the clubhead,
  • a slightly forward leaning shaft, and
  • a flat lead wrist to ensure good solid clean contact with the ball.

Striking down on the ball and maintaining a forward leaning shaft at impact with chips and pitches promotes a crisp strike and encourages a descending blow. This compresses the ball against the clubface and generates a consistent, solid strike. And this crisp, descending strike is also what you need for full solid iron shots.

Learning and ingraining these ball striking principles in your short game will directly influence and carry over to your full swing fundamentals with iron shots. It promotes proper impact, leading to more consistent contact, increased distance, and improved accuracy.

The better you understand the connection between your short game and full swing, the more improvements you’ll achieve in your overall golf game.

Click the link below to watch the video on Chipping and Pitching Fundamentals.

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