Shoulder Pain in Golf

December 5, 2022

Do you have tight shoulders or frozen shoulders?

Rotator cuff issues that cause you pain?

Can’t lift your arms over your head?

Can’t make a full turn on your backswing because your shoulders are so tight?

Let us show you a simple way to start improving your shoulder range of motion in minutes a day.

We are giving you Day 5 of our Over50Golf Sampler Program free so that you can start to release restrictions in this area and get swinging freely again.  All you need is a rolled up towel and place to lie down.

We get right into the armpits!

You will experience increased shoulder mobility, including the rotator cuff area, so that you can improve your arm extension and swing width.

Releasing restrictions in the shoulder area will also relieve neck pain and stiffness. You will have better neck rotation which will make it easier to turn and maintain your posture during the swing.

Improve your shoulder range of motion with this technique and notice how much more mobility you gain, and even how differently your arms hang at address.

You'll now be able to make that full turn on the backswing with greater arm extension so that you get more consistent, solid contact and speed every time.

Here is the link to Day 5 of Sampler Program:

To your best golf,
Barry & Tammy Gibson

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