Simiple Solution for Back Pain in Golfers

November 19, 2022

Are you in the in the 80 percent of golfers that suffer with back pain?

Back pain and general back stiffness is the number one complaint from golfers. Over 80% of golfers will suffer with back pain at some point and up to 50% will have an injury and or recurring back pain related to golf.

If you've ever had back pain, we don't need to tell you how limiting it is, not only on the course but off as well. It's pretty much impossible to make a good free turn and hit the ball solidly and accurately with distance when suffering with back pain.

For golfers, lower back pain is often the result of tight hips and tight upper back or thoracic spine (T-Spine). Your lower back has to then compensate while trying to swing the club. Injury and stiffness will occur during and after your round of golf.

Adding to the back pain is the resulting frustration from inconsistent swings, poor contact, loss of distance and lousy golf!

But we have some solutions to help solve your back pain so that you can get your game back on track!  

Click the link to watch the video for simple effective mobility drills that will help eliminate your back pain and improve your swing!

To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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