Want to Play Better Golf?

July 29, 2020

Want to play better golf?

You gotta move better!  Simple as that.

To move better you need good mobility…

If you can’t turn your hips, trunk or shoulders properly, you can’t swing the club properly.

If you can’t swing the club properly, you will hit weak, inconsistent and inaccurate shots.

We have a simple solution that can help you…

Our golf instruction is not about swing positions, it's about how to move your body properly in the correct sequence of motion to produce a repeatable, consistent swing, your swing, your way!

Only minutes a day in your house or on the range...

...help prevent injury

...improve your golf fitness.

...build power in your swing

Over50Golf can give you what you need to feel better, move better and play better.

Check out this quick and easy drill that will free up your body and get you turning easily to have a free and consistent swing.


To your best golf,

Barry & Tammy


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