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Golf coaching and mobility training for the Over 50 Golfer

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In-Person Coaching

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Virtual Coaching

Our approach combines golf instruction, mobility training and body-mind connection into one simple to use system that is targeted specifically to you, the over 50 golfer, so that you will get results and continue playing the game you love.

We offer a variety of training and coaching packages for you. We can provide options that meet your needs and allow you to reach your golfing goals!


You can chose to work with both us to get the complete package of what we offer or you can work exclusively with Barry on golf instruction or Tammy on golf mobility and fascia release.


Schedule a free consultation session with us and together we'll come up with a package that suits your needs. 

We're Barry & Tammy Gibson

We know that being able to continue to play golf as you age all comes down to a key factor - your ability to move your body properly through the swing motion.

As you age, you body begins to move differently based on your mobility and overall health.

And this affects how you swing the golf club. You become less flexible and start to lose distance off the tee.

We can help you improve your mobility and give you the right swing for your body.

Let us help you find the best solution to reach your golfing goals.

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“Since working with Barry I have gone from shooting well over a 100 to now shooting in the low 70s and have a much better understanding of the swing motion sequence. I’m 52 years old and playing the best golf of my life. I highly recommend his coaching for anyone looking to learn to play golf and take strokes off their game."

Ric Davis, Avid Golfer

"Thanks to your coaching and my dedication to freeing my body with the block, the daily swing exercise and more…..this last week I hit a milestone in golfing. I shot 84 - yes it was 18 holes, and yes it was on a real course not mini-golf -haha! Thanks heaps to Over50golf for coaching me how to free up my body! This works!"

Helen Jacobs, Avid Golfer

"I had such great improvement with coaching from Over50Golf! Three games right away in the low 80s. Today 3 birdies, driving average 80 percent, green's 50 percent in regulation, shot 77!, breaking 80 in less than a week! My shots are stronger coming into the greens, very little head movement and very little hand pressing. Much more consistent! Thanks!"

Ron Perrault, Avid Golfer

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