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Get rid of that pesky slice or hook. Stop chunking or topping the ball. It's time to shoot lower scores and play better golf! We offer golf lessons, coaching, and mobility training to help you improve your game. We make golf simple.

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Gain Consistency and Accuracy in Your Game!

Unlock your potential, understand your swing and play your best!

Hit the ball more solidly, straighter and farther.

Simple effective golf instruction suited to your game, your ability and your goals.

Golf lessons and coaching available in Winnipeg or online that you can access anywhere anytime, no matter your schedule or where you are located.

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Our Coaching Plans

Ready to take your game to the next level?  You're in the right place!
Whether you want in-depth coaching or a single lesson tune-up, we will help you master the fundamentals for game-changing improvement.


Experience our in-person coaching, giving you access to an indoor golf studio, outdoor driving range, expert golf instruction, targeted mobility training, and more.

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Unable to get to us in person? No worries! Our virtual coaching is just like being here, using our online coaching app, interactive Zoom sessions and instructional videos for a learning experience from the comfort of your own place.

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We’re Barry & Tammy Gibson, Your Golf Coaches

We understand the unique challenges that you may be faced with because we've been there! As a husband-and-wife team, wev'e had our share of common golf problems - loss of distance, poor accuracy, inconsistent shots, chronic back pain, and other mobility restrictions.

However, we found the perfect solutions, and as a PGA Golf Professional and Fascia Fitness/Mobility Trainer, we're passionate about sharing our transformative techniques and strategies with you so that YOU can play better golf!

We offer a more holistic approach to your golf game improvement.

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Online Programs so that YOU can improve YOUR game on YOUR schedule.

Learn the fundamentals of the golf swing, master your driver, or improve your golf mobility - we have it all right here for you. It starts with you taking action today to play better golf.

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Fascia Fitness for Golfers 101

Eliminate those aches & pains and mobility restrictions that are holding you back from playing and feeling your best! The program includes:

  • Introductory & Explanatory Videos
  • 6 Day Fascia Release Program
  • Mobility Drills and Exercises
  • All you need is a rolled up towel
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Golf Swing Basics

If you don't start with the right fundamentals you will always be struggling with your game. Learn the proper basics of the golf swing to set you up for success. The program addresses:

  • Correct fundamentals of the swing
  • How and what to practice at home
  • Make your range pratice more effective
  • On-course strategies
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Master Your Driver

This is a game-changing golf program designed to transform your tee shot woes into moments of triumph.Experience the satisfaction of consistently finding the short grass off the tee. It includes:

  • Three key things you need to do
  • Debunking myths that are holding you back
  • How to shoot lower scores & have more confidence
  • Troubleshooting when you get stuck
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Contact us today & lets work together to improve YOUR game!

We’ll create the right coaching program specifically for you so that you can reach your golfing goals!

We make golf simple.

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  • barrytammy@over50golf.com
  • 204-803-2070
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While you're here, grab our FREE video lesson - 3 Easy Tips to Swing Faster - For the Over 50 Golfer

These simple tips will help you improve your swing speed and get more distance! Grab it now!

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"I began golfing later in life and was dealing with mobility issues. Working with Over50Golf provided the perfect balance of mobility training and swing mechanics needed for my game improvement and game enjoyment!"

Karen Y

"I have been able to shoot a lot more rounds in the low 90’s and finally shot an 87! I’m very pleased with how I’ve improved. Thanks for the coaching and tips. I still have work to do but feel much better about my game."

Chris S

"Since working with Over50Golf, my game has drastically improved. I am hitting better and farther, and golfing fairly consistently. Frustration levels are much reduced! Looking forward to more coaching from you!"

Lesley T

"I consider you among the elite instructors because you take the elevator instead of the stairs. No overly complex thoughts or what Sam Snead called 'paralysis by analysis'. Keep those wonderful rhythm drills coming."

Donald S

"I am an over 70 golfer who was frustrated and needing help with my swing. Within days of working with Over50Golf I broke 80 and hitting longer drives and crisp irons. Thank you for coming to my rescue!"

Gerald P

"Your coaching absolutely improved my distance and my scores reflected the this. I was struggling to break 100, recently shot an 82. I'm now consistently shooting in the 80's. Thank you!"

Diane C

"I have gone from shooting well over a 100 to now shooting in the low 70s and have a much better understanding of the swing motion sequence thanks to Over50Golf!"

Rik D

"Over50Golf's coaching really helped me free up my body and improve my swing with block therapy and the daily swing drills and exercises, this really works!"

Helen J

"I was struggling and shooting in the 90’s. Over50Golf quickly helped me start driving the ball farther and straighter. I am now shooting in the high 70s and my shots are much more consistent."

Ron P

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